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Nilas MV GmbH is a company in the healthcare industry and related disciplines.

With Nilas MV® we aim to help maintaining and improving health and quality in life. For this purpose, we rely on scientifically sound principles and the long-standing experience of our collaborators and partners in the development of our products.

Our innovative technology and the wide-ranging functionality of our software open up completely new ways and approaches for our customers in their daily work with patients/clients. The central guiding principle is to set new standards in terms of reliability and user benefit for computer-based measurement systems through high quality standards and a solid service portfolio.

Thanks to our extensive competence network, we keep our finger on the pulse of modern diagnostics and regulation. With regular further developments, we ensure that we will be able to meet the complex needs of healthcare counselling both now and in the future.

Nilas MV

Nilas MV® is the acronym for


= Non-linear analytical systems for medicine and vitality