studies available on the benefits of HRV scans for health, vitality and fitness


of all health issues are preventable through timely stress prevention


cardiac neurons register numerous systemic core values of the entire organism


to complete the HRV scan of Nilas MV® for a comprehensive assessment of important biorhythms

Versatile functions for multi-purpose needs

Pharmacology & Supplementation

  • Reaction monitoring
  • Progress and success evaluation of therapeutic measures
  • Pre-post comparison

Fitness, recreational & competitive sports

  • Performance diagnostics and exercise-induced stress in workout sessions
  • Specifying the best possible training regime
  • Monitoring parameters for (over)training
  • Recovery monitoring and improvement

Workplace Health Management & Coaching

  • Stress analysis and burn-out prevention
  • Stress resilience training
  • Motivation, staff retention, reducing absenteeism
  • Raising awareness for self-reflection

Medical & Healthcare services

  • Cardiovascular and metabolic risk stratification
  • Evaluation of risk, severity, therapy response (e. g. in chronic stress and burn-out)
  • For basic diagnostics of various arrhythmia characteristics
  • Follow-up controls

Dietary counselling

  • Biofeedback on metabolic activity
  • Supporting weight management
  • Supporting a health-conscious lifestyle
Spa und Wellness

Spa & Wellness

  • Analysing the general well-being
  • Tool for optimising individual recovery and wellness offers
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of wellness measures

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