Our HRV System

High quality systems for measuring heart rate variability (HRV)

NILAS MV® - A true asset in professional practice

Nilas MV® offers unique diagnostic and analytical features and is a powerful tool to verify performance (capabilities), treatment outcomes or progress swift and easy. The data is recorded in real time and visualised with the help of vivid assessment graphics. You save valuable time and at the same time own an attractive and profitable multiplier for your service portfolio.

In combination with a favourable pricing and flexible financing scheme (e.g. leasing), Nilas MV® is also unrivalled in terms value-for-money and amortisation.

Our measurement technology:
Quality at its best

The digital heart rate analyser Nilas MV® is a software/hardware unit for measuring the heart rhythms of the human body and saving the measurement results.

Convenient and practical application

The HRV scan is conducted by means of two wrist contacts – without undressing. This user-friendly measuring appliance therefore permits direct integration into daily routines and can be easily delegated to assistants.

Reliable measuring technique - Genuine heartbeat recording

In contrast to a pulse measuring procedure which only records a pulse wave the Nilas MV® measurement module records the genuine amplitude of the heartbeats (specific punctum maximum) to determine the interval between successive heartbeats (exact R wave peaks).

In this way Nilas MV® provides measuring results in an accuracy margin of one millisecond with the highest precision, capturing the exact length and intensity of every single heartbeat. This measuring accuracy is verifiable in a metrological test during which randomly fed-in amplitudes are recorded without any deviation by Nilas MV®.

Reliable and radiation-free data acquisition

Nilas MV® completely works without any radio transmissions, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which are commonly used with HRV systems. These methods can affect the consistency of the data and all the biorhythms of the organism. Consequently, they can distort the picture of the subject’s true condition.

Versatile functions for multi-purpose needs

Nilas MV® provides a range of functional parameters that objectively show the stress situation of the organism, which can be both a trigger and an expression of reduced performance or even health disorders.

Facilitate the communication with patients and clients

Nilas MV® makes it easy to understand the information it measures. The biological data is depicted in a colour-coded and/or numerical evaluation system. This enables you to become rapidly familiar with the use of Nilas MV® for a time-efficient analysis routine in everyday practice. At the same time the informative overviews also help your clients to better understand their overall situation.

Visualising benefits and efficacy of treatments

Enhance your patients’ and clients’ compliance to stick to treatment or training plans by providing evidence on improvements already at a stage when benefits are not yet subjectively perceptible.
A major asset for you: The software allows comparative measurements to support effectively and efficiently your success and progress monitoring with therapeutic applications and training/recovery routines.

Our App Portfolio

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