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Our customers on their experiences with Nilas MV®

Christian W. Engelbert M.A.
Specialised in General Medicine,
Emergency Medicine,

Since 2016, I have been using the Nilas-MV system for analysing the autonomic nervous system on a daily basis in my general practice. Previously, I had tested several HRV analysis systems with short- and long-term measurement. In my experience, Nilas-MV is currently the most technically sophisticated and informative HRV analysis system on the market. The measurement is very easy to perform and, due to the direct ECG derivation, technically correct and free of transmission flaws. There is no other diagnostic tool in my practice that is so well accepted by patients. Due to my former work in cardiology, Nilas-MV has become an indispensable mosaic stone of diagnostics in the field of cardiovascular screening. I have since come to use Nilas-MV as a screening method because I highly value what I see as one of the few existing preventive methods.

Dr. med. Susanne Lukas

Our patients are increasingly in a state of vegetative imbalance. Being able to identify these states of exhaustion both in the laboratory and via NILAS MV is a great help in explaining the situation to the patient. It is easy to illustrate the sometimes quite complex correlations to the patient with the graphic depictions of the functional “status quo” of the system.
The patient’s compliance with therapeutic as well as “life-style” adjustments greatly enhances when he understands what is happening, he can understand the solution approaches in neurocaching and then experiences the effect of his efforts not only directly on himself, but also documented in the improvement of the parameters.

Paul Kobel
Meilen (Switzerland)
Naturopath DPS

I have been working in my naturopathic practice on Lake Zurich for 23 years and with NILAS MV for 3 years. The measurements are used for patients in the areas of: gastroenterology, sports medicine and performance enhancement, for rheumatoid conditions or simply for burnout symptoms, etc.
I am now using HRV measurement with almost every new patient, so I can further optimise the quality of the treatment and also see problems that would otherwise have been difficult to detect straight away.
Dr. med Ursula Eder

Dr. med. Ursula Eder

Nilas MV is a measuring system that connects these two worlds. Whoever uses regulative methods and is looking for a measuring system that is based on two scientifically recognised methods (ECG and HRV) as a technical method and that combines these aspects of empirical medicine will be fascinated by Nilas MV. The evaluation of the measurement results, however, is much more than “just” an ECG or “just” HRV. With the evaluation parameters provided by Nilas MV, it is possible to take a very close look at the regulatory system.
Petra Wauer

Petra Wauer
Certified specialist nurse
Registered natural health practitioner

Since 2016, I have been working with the HRV diagnostics of Nilas MV in my practice. I use the HRV in the context of the anamnesis to assess the regulatory capacity of my patients with considerable success. Based on this first measurement, I can check my applied therapy concept and optimise it if necessary. The HRV also shows directly in follow-up measurements whether the patient’s bioregulative competence can use the applied therapy or is overburdened with it.

Patient compliance is very high, as the measurement is clearly comprehensible at this point as well. Many of my patients proactively ask for HRV diagnostics and are very motivated when the system shows improvements due to the treatment and also lifestyle changes.

Bertold Hilss

Registered natural health practitioner

Nilas MV is particularly characterised by its comprehensibility and straightforward handling. The chart-based evaluation functions can very quickly show the patient his or her problems or weak points. For athletes, it is also very easy to see to what extent training sessions are beneficial or even counterproductive.


The patients are without exception enthusiastic about the comprehensive informative value of this system. For me, Nila’s MV is an ideal complement to eye diagnostics and also offers the possibility of checking the effect of the therapies carried out directly after treatment by means of a “before and after” measurement. The results are at times astounding and encourage patients to actively work to improve their health. In my view, the heart rate variability measurement with Nilas MV is an early warning system and can be excellently combined with eye diagnosis.