Christian W. Engelbert M.A.
Specialised in General Medicine,
Emergency Medicine,

Since 2016, I have been using the Nilas-MV system for analysing the autonomic nervous system on a daily basis in my general practice. Previously, I had tested several HRV analysis systems with short- and long-term measurement. In my experience, Nilas-MV is currently the most technically sophisticated and informative HRV analysis system on the market. The measurement is very easy to perform and, due to the direct ECG derivation, technically correct and free of transmission flaws. There is no other diagnostic tool in my practice that is so well accepted by patients. Due to my former work in cardiology, Nilas-MV has become an indispensable mosaic stone of diagnostics in the field of cardiovascular screening. I have since come to use Nilas-MV as a screening method because I highly value what I see as one of the few existing preventive methods.


In the field of neurocoaching, which is carried out in my practice under the direction of its developer Dr. Sven Sebastian, Nilas-MV has become an obligatory diagnostic tool. In neurocoaching, stress processing disorders are successfully balanced with a special coaching method developed from modern brain research.